Payout Request Form

    Payout Method

    Important Tax Information

    • Peaks & Pedals must report sales of $600 or more in a calendar year, which means we will have to issue a form 1099-K.

    • If you opt to have consignment payouts through Paypal or by another electronic means, we will not require that any tax information be provided directly to Peaks & Pedals. Those online businesses have their own ways of collecting that information and frankly makes things a bit easier for us. Fees may apply for Paypal.

    • If you take payouts by check and you reach $600 or more in sales, we will need you to complete and return a W-9 to us. We will reach out to you before the $600 threshold is reached. Please note that if the $600 threshold is reached and you do not provide the necessary tax information, your consignment payout will be temporarily put on hold until the information is provided. We will make sure all personal information is securely stored.

    • Store credit does not require any tax information to be exchanged.

    • We know taxes are a bummer! But, following the rules helps everyone involved and we want to make this process is as easy as possible. Keep in mind, reporting your sales with Peaks & Pedals does not necessarily mean you will have to pay taxes, as the resell amount of an item is often less that the original purchase price. However, we cannot give tax advice – if you have any questions, make sure to consult your tax professional.