Cycling in Las Vegas

Where to Mountain Bike

Cottonwood/Late Night

Cottonwood is a great place for all types of riders, including beginners. The trail system has a couple of access points, the main ones being in Blue Diamond and Late Night Trail Head.
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Flord Lamb Park

This park has a couple of different networks of trails. The double track, which is mostly dirt, spans most of the park and is relatively flat. This makes it great for beginners or people looking to get in easy miles. The double track is open to horses, bikes and pedestrians.
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Bootleg Canyon

The lower trails are appropriate for beginner and intermediate riders. Ride your way up the canyon or take a shuttle to the top to navigate some technical cross-country and downhill trails.
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Mount Charleston

Our summer getaway to get out of the heat, Mt. Charleston has a couple of fun trail systems and a bike park debuting at Lee Canyon late in the summer of 2022.
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Cowboy Trails

This system is a technical, multi-use trail for hikers, bikers and horses. The trails are technical and require both climbing and descending skills. But the views are worth it.
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McCullough Hills

The main trail is a 7 mile double track (see middle picture). This double track stretches from the Henderson trailhead all the way to Anthem, making for a a good 14 mile out-and-back. Around the double track is various single track.
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Useful Websites and Apps

Trailforks has an extensive database of trails and an easy app that tracks your ride through GPS. 

Strava tracks your rides through GPS. You can track your mileage, compare your times over time and see where you rank against others. The heat map feature allows you to see popular routes. 

MTB Project is a crowd-sourced mountain bike app and website that allows you to see the difficulty of trails, reviews and pictures. 

Singletracks includes trail maps reviews on gear and bike news. 

The RTC has various routes and interactive maps for mapping out a road bike route. 

Owned by a local, this app will help you find hosts, tour guides and lodging for your bike adventure. 

Popular Road Bike Routes

Red Rock Canyon Loop

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River Mountain Loop

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Wetlands Trail Loop

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Mount Charleston

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Armargosa Trail

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1-15 West Beltway

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Local Non-Profit Support

Ghost Bikes Las Vegas

Raises awareness for bike safety.

Southern Nevada Bike Coalition

SNVBC is a local bike non-profit promoting bike safety and awareness in Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada Mountain Association

Local chapter of IMBA promoting mountain biking in Southern Nevada.

Interscholastic Nevada South Cycling League

NSICL provides a youth mountain biking program for grades 6 to 12.