Goals for 2022 - Making the Shop Sustainable

The hard part is done - we opened the shop! Or at least that is what we keep telling ourselves. The fixtures are set, consignors and customers are coming in and we are excited for the future. Now it is time to turn our attention to making the shop as sustainable as possible.

The outdoors are awesome. It was one the main reasons Peaks & Pedals was started. But if we want to keep enjoying our time outside, we have to take care of it. Part of our mission here at the shop is to be eco-friendly by using sustainable products wherever we can.

From our inception, it was a goal to use as little plastic as possible. Instead of small plastic fasteners for price tags, we use twine. There are no bags at check-out and if someone insists on one (or genuinely needs ones), there are recycled Trader Joe's brown bags at the ready. To cut down on paper, we try to hold off on receipts.

Shipping items in a sustainable way was a real challenge. We didn't want to buy boxes, fill them with plastic and then ship them off. So, we put out a call to friends, family, customers and consignors to bring in any packaging they had left over from the Christmas rush, such as opened Amazon boxes, pouches, bubble wrap, etc. The goal was to reuse shipping packaging to send used items and people heeded the call! With their help, we have a good collection of boxes and packaging to re-use for future shipments. We even found paper packaging tape! Although, you have to get it wet to use it (which made for some fun bloopers first orders).

Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper are necessary, but it makes us sad that trees are sacrificed to make them. Through some research, we found Who Gives a Crap (great name!), recently endorsed by the The Sierra Club. They have 100% post-consumer recycled options as well as bamboo, both of which we are trying out in the shop. For cleaning products, we opted for re-usable glass bottles and tablet refills from Blueland.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on others ways we can be even more sustainable, please leave a comment below or email us.

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