We love Nevada. We love Las Vegas. We love the desert with its  brilliant sunsets and wild winds. We even love the strip. Nevada and Las Vegas are home. And our home is near so much. We spend our days climbing in Red Rocks, rappelling in Zions, paddling along the Colorado, hiking in the Grand Canyon and camping at Mt. Charleston. We are a drive (and then a hike) from the lowest point in the country or one of highest points in the country. The ocean is a short drive away as well. Our valley is an amazing home base for so many adventures.

That is why we started our little shop, Peaks & Pedals Gear Exchange. Our goal is to honor the things we love, to introduce people to new adventures and to rehome gear that makes our adventures possible.

We hope you will join us in recycling your gear and supporting our dream.


Photo: Caliente, Nevada | Credit: Aaron Unger


Recycling and reusing used gear keeps good gear out of landfills and gives people an opportunity to experience adventure on a budget.

​Sustainability in operating our business is also important here at Peaks & Pedals. Our goal is to use as little plastic as possible in operating our business. We use wooden hangers to display gear and twine to secure tags. If you visit us, we have a no-bag policy and do not print receipts.

We also use plastic free packaging for shipping or recycled packaging donated to our shop.


Photo: Navajo Lake, Utah | Credit: Holly Priest



Holly hails from the cold northern reaches of Nevada (Reno), where she got her love of the outdoors from her family, who would pack into an Astro van and drive into the Sierra Mountain wilds.​

She later moved onto mountain biking when she was given an old Gary Fisher and told the trails near San Refael park in Reno were easy. They were not, but she kept mountain biking. Later, she moved down south for law school and found herself rappelling down canyons throughout Southern Nevada, sport climbing in Red Rocks and paddling in Lake Mead.​

After practicing law for a period of time, Holly decided it was time to get back to her roots and started this new adventure, hoping to create a safe and fun place to exchange used outdoor gear.


Nick is a native Nevadan who also got his start in mountain biking on an old Gary Fisher hardtail. Nick came from a family of off-road racers. His dad bought him his first dirt bike at a young age, and he was hooked. Then it went all downhill from there, literally. Following his love of the sport, Nick got his first job in the cycle industry at McGhie’s Bike and Ski Shop when he was 20 and continued his career racing and working in the industry.​

Nick later moved to Salt Lake City to race mountain bikes for Cannondale and worked at the local used gear shop. Three years later, he found himself back in Las Vegas and discovered a new love for skiing and water sports.​

When Nick heard about Peaks & Pedals, he was stoked to see a used gear shop in town and wanted to share in building a place where people who love the outdoors can buy/sell outdoor gear. So, he braved the uncharted waters and jumped on board to help manage the shop.