Climbing and Canyoneering In Las Vegas

Climbing Gyms

Climbing and Canyoneering Resources and Guides

Mountain Project is  a great resource for climbing routes and beta. 

The Crag is a collaborative rock climbing and bouldering platform.  

Bluu Gnome Canyoneering is a great website to find beta for canyons. 

Las Vegas Slots: A Guide to Canyoneering in Sourthern Nevada is a great pocket book for canyons near Las Vegas. 

Tom’s Utah Canyoneering Guide is a useful guide if you plan on on adventuring in Southern Utah (which has some amazing slots). 

Other Resources


Climbing is a technical sport that is dangerous and requires caution. Getting some instruction or training is always helpful. Check out what you closest climbing gym has to offer or check out local guides.


Squirrels and deer are adorable. Bears and buffalos are majestic and make for great photos. But, no matter how cute or cool the animal is, feeding or interacting with animals can have a negative impact on the animals themselves and can result in loss of human life.

Gear Rental

Not sure you into camping or backpacking? Renting gear may be the way to go. Basecamp is a local business that can get you outfitted for car camping or backpacking.

Rating Systems

How a climb or a canyon is rated can be confusing. There are letters, there numbers and sometimes there are classes. What does it all mean? Make sure to check out some guides on how routes are rated:

Leave No Trace

Being good stewards of the land we recreate on is essential for continued access to public lands. This is especially important in crags and other areas that see high traffic. Please practice Leave No Trace and pack out your poop whenever possible!


Search and Rescue usually is compromised of volunteers. These are the people that rescue us when things go wrong. Definitely show them love whenever possible and hopefully you never meet them in a tough spot.

Red Rock Search and Rescue
Las Vegas Search and Rescue
Mt. Charleston Search and Rescue