Hiking In Las Vegas

Useful Websites and Apps for Hiking

All Trails is a website and app with thousands of trail, maps, reviews and photos. 

Strava tracks your hikes through GPS. You can track your mileage, compare your times over time and see where you rank against others. The heat map feature allows you to see popular routes. 

Summit Post is a collaborative website with a range of information on hikes and mountaineering routes. 

Bird and Hike is a local website run by a local hiker. Great resource for Southern Nevada Specific hikes and education on the desert. 

Hiking Trails Near Las Vegas - Staff Picks

Valley of Fire

Not too far from town along the 1-15, the area has cool rock formations and plenty of hiking. Although, hiking may be difficult in the summers.
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Gold Strike Hot Springs

This hike takes you down to the Colorado river and has hot springs! The trail has striking views, but it can be a strenuous hike.
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Red Rock Canyon

There are a variety of trails inside and outside of the park. If you plan to hike inside the park, check to see if a reservation is required.
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Mount Charleston

Our summer getaway to get out of the heat, Mt. Charleston has a variety of hiking trails, including two routes to the peak.
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Black Mountain Trail

On the souteast side of the valley, tucked behind Anthem, there is a great trail system, including a trail that takes you to the peak of black mountain.
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McCullough Hills

The main trail is a 7 mile double track. This double track stretches from the Henderson trailhead all the way to Anthem, making for a a good 14 mile out-and-back. There are a variety of single-trail trails to hike.
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Etiquette and Support


Having wilderness or desert skills can mean life or death. It never hurts to pick up some tips and tricks for your adventures.

Wilderness Survival Training
Desert Skills classes


Squirrels and deer are adorable. Bears and buffalos are majestic and make for great photos. But, no matter how cute or cool the animal is, feeding or interacting with animals can have a negative impact on the animals themselves.

Get Outdoors Nevada

Get Outdoors Nevada is a great non-profit that supports and educates our local outdoor community. Please join them for their weekly trail clean-ups.

Ground Rules

Following basic etiquette while outside can help make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Keep in mind that things like loud music may take away the enjoyment from other around you.

Leave No Trace

Being good stewards of the land we recreate on is essential for continued access to public lands. Please practice Leave No Trace.


Search and Rescue usually is compromised of volunteers. These are the people that rescue us when things go wrong. Definitely show them love whenever possible.

Red Rock Search and Rescue
Las Vegas Search and Rescue
Mt. Charleston Search and Rescue