A Guide to Mountain Biking in Las Vegas

Mountain biking las vegas

The mountain biking in Las Vegas is amazing. Now, we may be biased because we live in Las Vegas (and run a used bike shop here), but we live here for a reason. One of those reasons is the year-round mountain biking and almost 2,000 miles of single-track. Plus, we are only a short drive to the scenic trails in Southern Utah, Northern Arizona and Southern California.  

Here is a guide to what you need to know for your moutnain bike adventure in Las Vegas.

Picking Your Trail

We have it all here (or almost all). You can find technical downhill, technical uphill, lift-assisted, cross-country and flat beginner trails. You can ride with a view of the Lake Mead or a view of Red Rock Canyon. Whatever you choose, it will be a good time. Some of our favorite trails include:

Some of our other favorite trails are not blessed with official trail signs (and may be less than legal), but for those trail systems, you can always check out Trail Forks. Keep in mind when riding unsanctioned trails that there are risks, as we never really know who built the trail and government agencies can fine you if caught. When possible, definitely avoid unsanctioned trails on private land and be safe out there. 


Las Vegas is not known for smooth or flow trails. The joke we hear often is that local bike shops go out and sharpen the rocks so you have buy more tires. All jokes aside, our trails are loose, rocky and often flanked by spikey plants that want to hurt you. So, wear proper protection and be alert. If you ride the downhill trails at Bootleg, Lee Canyon or Kyle Canyon, elbow/knee protection and a downhill helmets are recommended.


Las Vegas can have extreme temperatures and random flash flooding, so it’s important to check the weather before you go mountain biking. It’s best to avoid the hottest parts of the day, especially during the summer, and plan your ride during the morning or late afternoon. Night riding is a popular choice here during the summer months, just make sure to invest in a good bike light for your handlebars and helmet.

Flash flooding is no joke in the desert. If you are out and there is a thunderstorm, avoid drainage areas and be aware of your surroundings. These types of storms usually happen between July and September. 


Rattle snakes, tarantulas, tortoises, coyotes, big horn sheep, wild horses and burros are just some of the wildlife you can encounter in a desert adventure. If you are the first on the trail early in the morning, your bike may break up spider webs laid across the trail. We always recommend not touching or interacting with the wildlife you encounter.

Given the spicey terrain, random weather and abundance of wildlife, we always recommend taking a buddy on a ride or, at least tell someone where you are going. 

Bring Your Bike or Rent

Our trails are technical and rocky, so full suspension bikes are usually a good idea. If you plan on riding the downhill trails at Bootleg or Lee Canyon, something with a bit more travel will make for a better ride. 

Need a bike to ride? These shops in the Valley can get you set up: TrekAll Mountain Cyclery and Las Vegas Cyclery. If you are heading up to Mt. Charleston for some lift-assisted riding, Lee Canyon Bike Park offers rentals. 

Check out a Local Bike Shop

As would be expected, Las Vegas is home to many bike shops to support the local scene. We of course hope you stop in and say hi at our little used gear shop. But we support all the shops in town, because we all make it possible for people to enjoy the local trails, including:

  • Southwest Bikes 
  • Las Vegas Cyclery
  • Giant
  • Pedego Electric Bikes 
  • BikeBrain
  • Swanny’s 
  • Trek
  • Crank n Grind 
  • Pedal & Pour
  • The Vault
  • All Mountain Cyclery
  • Pro Cyclery

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