A Guide: How to Build a Camp Box

The summer is here and and June is National Camping Month. Let’s talk about camp boxes. Camp boxes (or chuck boxes) are a great way to ensure you don’t forget essentials. Remembering everything for a trip can be tough, but important, because finding yourself in the middle of the desert or woods without plates or […]

Winter Gear Storage

The 100-degree weather is here, so it’s time to pack your snow gear away and break out the paddle boards. To ensure your items are ready to hit the powder in the fall, below are a couple of quick tips for maintaining those expensive winter items in the off-season. Hard Goods Clean your board or […]

Why Consignment? Why Buy Used?

Consignment allows everyone involved to get good value and buying used helps the world in so many ways. Before I started my little consignment shop, thrifting and buying used was a normal part of my shopping. But when it came to my outdoor gear, I always bought new because digging through Savers or Goodwill for […]