Winter Gear Maintenance

Winter Gear Maintenance

The 100-degree weather is here, so it’s time to pack your snow gear away and break out our gear for the warmer seasons. Let’s talk winter gear maintenance. To ensure your items are ready to hit the powder in the fall, below are a couple of quick tips for maintaining those expensive winter items in the off-season.

Hard Goods

  • Clean your board or skis off with base cleaner, put on a layer of wax, and sharpen the edges. This will keep your base and edges healthy.

  • Always lace or buckle your boots. This will help your boots keep their shape and ready for the next season.

  • Don’t store your hard goods in the garage! We live in the desert, and the heat will damage the plastics and wood over time. When possible, store your items in climate-controlled areas.

Soft Goods

  • Wash synthetic base layers with base layer wash; it will give your base layers a deeper clean to be stored for all summer.

  • Wash and treat your DWR shell with Nikwax Tech wash to remove all the oils and dirt.

  • Puffer jackets should be cleaned based on the instructions on the tag and hung up in the closet. Try to avoid folding and balling up puffers.

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