Las Vegas is an Outdoor Recreation Destination

las vegas outdoor recreation

Las Vegas is a great home base for so many outdoor adventures and an underrated outdoor recreation destination.

Las Vegas is famous for its gaming, tourism, and hot summers. We get it – our nickname is Sin City. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit us each year to enjoy the gaming experience, shows, and general glamor. The nature of the strip unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) makes Las Vegas feel transient. 

But there are those of us that stay, and we stay for a reason. When you leave the iconic neon lights of the strip, a unique world of outdoor recreation is waiting for anyone who wants to find it. Draw a circle around Vegas, hop in a car and drive four hours in any direction. Within that drive, you will find diverse and exciting locations for every outdoor recreation one can imagine.

Some examples of outdoor areas near Las Vegas.

Red Rocks is such a great destination for rock climbing, climbing pros make Vegas their home. There is even ice climbing at Mt. Charleston under the right conditions. 

If climbing doesn’t strike your fancy, Vegas alone has more than 600 miles of singletrack to choose from. Bootleg Canyon, in Boulder City, has made numerous top mountain biking lists due to its tough and challenging terrain (we swear the local bike shops sharpen the rocks). 

You can paddle your board or kayak on Lake Mead or in the Black Canyon with a clear view of Hoover Dam. Drive a little further out, you can rappel the canyons of Zion or visit the salt flats of Death Valley. If you are feeling extra motivated, the ocean isn’t too far off.

What does this illustrate? That Vegas is not only a hub for entertainment, but also a hub for epic outdoor recreation that is overlooked or underrated destination. However, the outdoor community is growing and getting noticed — Redfin asked us for our favorite outdoor activity in Las Vegas. Check out the article we were featured in: Go All-In with These 9 Fun Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas | Redfin

In the hopes of supporting the reactional communities that flourish here, I started my little consignment shop with the goal of honoring the land we love recreating on, introducing people to everything Vegas offers and rehoming gently used outdoor gear that make our adventures possible.

Now go outside, explore and have fun!

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