Skiing and Snowboarding Near Las Vegas

Snow in las vegas

We know – it doesn’t really snow in Las Vegas. It is part of the reason many of us live here. But we live close to so many places with great snow. Below is a short guide on where to go near Las Vegas for skiing and snowboarding.

Las Vegas has its own ski resort, Lee Canyon! Although small, it is close to home and does the trick. The pricing is great for locals if you buy the pass and makes for an easy day trip. If you don’t want to day trip and can brave the cold, there is camping or lodging in Lee and Kyle Canyon. 
If you want something off the beaten path, the side country and back country is great when there is enough snow. Just note, heed signs and know that if you go off the beaten path, there are risks.
Not into skiing or snowboarding? Just below the resort is the Fox Snowplay Area for sledding or snowball making. If snowshoeing is more your speed, there are even trails for that as well

Please note — parking is difficult at the height of the season. Make sure to only park in designated areas, follow signs and get up there early or make a reservation to park. Also, pack out your garbage! No one likes to be greeted by a pile of discarded sleds. 
Utah is known for light fluffy snow and even claims to have the best snow in the United States. Brian Head is an easy drive from Vegas, clocking in under three and half hours. The resort is big, there are plenty of places to stay and fun times to be had. They have two mountains – Navajo and Giant steps, which offers something for every skill level. Only downside are the crowds.
A little bit of a further drive up the 15, past Brian Head in Beaver you will find Eagle Point. To quote our shop manager, Nick, Eagle Point is a hidden gem with its small crowds and relatively inexpensive lift tickets. Nick’s only gripe is the resort has run out of beer in the past.
If you don’t want to day trip, the resort has on-site lodging (which is very reasonably priced) and there are local hotels
Snow in las Vegas
Take the the I-15 south instead of north, you will also find some resorts in California. Big Bear is a four hour drive from Vegas, which can make a day-trip doable. There are two resorts in the area — Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. If you’re a park person, the resorts are a great place to practice rails and jumps. Big Bear has a vibrant downtown great for shopping, relaxing and grabbing a drink after a long day on the mountain.
Clocking in at five and half hours from Vegas, Mammoth is the farthest away, but worth the drive. Probably one the most well-known resorts near us, Mammoth is a big resort with a lot to do. The mountain gets a lot of snow and this is one Nick’s top picks for skiing in the United States. Plus, you get to drive up the US 395 from Bishop, which is a beautiful drive. Only downside is that the resort can be a bit on the pricey side.

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