Trail Guide – McCullough Hills

McCullough Hills Trails

A great place for hiking and biking through Sloan Canyon.

Sandwiched between Anthem and Henderson, McCullough Hills is a great trail system that offers something for everyone.

The trail system is in what is known as the Sloan Canyon area. Sloan Canyon’s northern section (non-wilderness) is welcome to hikers, runners and bikes. Further south, there is wilderness area that contains petroglyphs. Bikes are not allowed in this area.

A popular access point is MuCullough Hills Trailhead. On the Anthem side of the trail system, you can park at Anthem East Trailhead.

The Trails

McCullough Hills Trails

The main trail is a 7 mile double track. This double track stretches from the Henderson trailhead all the way to Anthem, making for a a good 14 mile out-and-back ride, hike or run. There are various covered benches along the double track, which make for great spots to grab a snack and catch your breath.

To the east and west of the double track are single track trails for biking, hiking and running. When I lived in Henderson, these were my go-to trails to get a good ride in before or after work. Much of the signed single track isn’t too technical, but can offer a challenge at times due to rocks that line the trails (I have eaten it several times when my pedals caught a rock).

South of these trails, are various canyons and peaks, including Black Mountain (which we will cover later). Petroglyphs can also be found in Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site. Access to this area is precious and should be treated with respect

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