Trail Highlight: Floyd Lamb Park

Floyd Lamb Park

A hidden gym in the northern part of town, Floyd Lamb Park offers something for everyone.

Las Vegas is a big town that can feel small at times. But as we grow, we here at the shop have noticed less and less people visit “the other side of town.” It makes sense – it easier to recreate close to you. But our valley has a lot to offer outside, so we are going to start a series called Trail Highlight, where we feature a trail or trail system that our staff is familiar with and tell you all about it. First up, Floyd Lamb Park.


I confess we are starting with Floyd Lamb Park because it is pretty much in my backyard. If I want to get some miles in on my bike, I take the back dirt roads from my house, which conveniently lead straight to the park. Although I ride there often, I wasn’t aware of the park or its trails until I moved up north, because the park is off one of the last exits before you leave Las Vegas and head toward Mt. Charleston. But, whether it is in your backyard or a bit further, it is worth checking out.

The Park is Pretty

Hands down, I would argue Floyd Lamb Park is on of the prettiest parks in Las Vegas. It is a favorite destination for engagement or family photos. If you who crave greener views or a touch of fall in October, this park can provide them. Entering the park by car requires a fee, but anyone can enter the park on foot at no charge. There a couple small lakes (really ponds) that people fish in. Around that lake and throughout the park is a network of single and double track trails.

The Trails

Floyd Lamb has a couple of different networks of trails. The double track, which is mostly dirt, spans most of the park and is relatively flat. This makes it great for beginners (both runners and bikers) or people looking to get in easy miles. The double track is open to horses, bikes and pedestrians.

Floyd Lamb Park

There is also a network of single track trails specifically built for mountain biking (and is great for a gravel bike).

The single track is clearly marked with a map and each trail has has a sign to let you know the difficulty This network is a smaller, contained trail system that is fairly flat, which makes it great for beginners or kids learning new skills. But fair warning – these trails are very dusty and will likely leave you with a layer of dust all over you and your bike.

One of the cooler features of the park is the pump and jump track. This is a great place for bikers (and skaters) to practice their pump and jump skills.

Floyd Lamb Park

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