Lee Canyon Mountain Bike Park

Lee Canyon Bike Park

The long awaited mountain bike park at Lee Canyon is here and we are excited. 

The first time we heard about a potential bike park at Mount Charleston was over a decade ago. The Vegas warm weather months are longer than our cold weather months (a perk that keeps many recreational enthusiasts in the valley). 

Lee Canyon Mountain Bike Park
Photo credit: Antonio Marroquin

The addition of a lift assisted bike park just made sense – it was a welcome addition to the growing mountain bike community and another way to get out of the heat of the Vegas summers.

But, as time passed, the park seemed like a dream and many of us mountain bikers traveled to Big Bear, Brian Head or Mammoth to get our fix. 

That wait ended this summer when Lee Canyon finally released their plan and opening dates for new trails. Designed and created by Gravity Logic, the final build-out will include trails for beginner (green), intermediate (blue) and advanced (black diamond) riders. Starting the past August, the blue and black trails were ready to ride, so Peaks & Pedal’s manager and owner made their way up the mountain to try out these long awaited trails.  

Lee Canyon Mountain Bike Park
Trailhead for the blue and black trails.

Both the black and blue trails begin in the same spot.  The blue trail is a flow trail with wide berms, some wood features and a few spots to get some air. This trail is great for intermediate riders who enjoy flow or looking to improve their cornering skills and practice their jumps. Also, its a great warm up lap or end of the day run with your friends. 

Next up is the black trail. The best way to describe this trail is chunky. Looser than the blue trail and steep up on top, this trial is better suited for experienced riders due to a few tricky turns and some exposed rocks. However, if you are one for jumps, this trail is for you. 


Don’t forget to enjoy a beverage or food at the lodge in between runs or at the end of the day. Don’t have a bike or want to try a new bike? No worries – Lee Canyon offers rentals. Or if you are looking to buy, check our bikes out on your way to the mountain. 

This weekend is the last weekend to enjoy the new trails, so make sure to get up there before the season ends. 

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