Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail

A trail with a unique view, Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail is perfect for winter hiking.

When Vegas gets cold, that means it is time for hot springs. Did you know Nevada has the record for hot springs, with over 300 in the state? Some of these springs can be found in your own back yard if you are willing to hike or drive.

Getting There

Accessing the trail is easy. The trailhead is just off the I-11 before you cross the Colorado River on the way to Arizona. If you are a little more adventurous, Gold Strike can be reached from the river – however you need a permit to launch from the dam or you have to launch from downstream. And if you are very adventurous, you can rappel through Motorcycle Canyon and then hike back out through Gold Strike. No matter how you get there, Gold Strike is a good time.

The Hike

Gold Strike offers striking views (pun intended) and you end with sweet hot springs. However, Gold Strike can be a strenuous and hard hike. The trail is in a wash, which can be a challenge for those of us with bad knees and there is almost 1500 feet of elevation gain. There is also a bit of scrambling and down climbing. There are at some fixed ropes to help, but make sure to check them over before use. Be sure to evaluate you comfort and skill level before doing this hike.

The Hotsprings

Toward the bottom of the hike, you will run into two sets of hot springs. The upper springs are great, but the good pool is a little further down because it is bigger and a bit warmer. The springs are a great place to grab a drink, eat a snack and get a soak in. However, remove all you trash after your visit and for the sake of others, please don’t pee in or near the hot springs.

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